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Fun voice modification software with built-in background noises, personalized voice transformations and complete in-call functionality

Fun voice modification software with built-in background noises, personalized voice transformations and complete in-call functionality

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Program license: Trial version

Program by: Hero Voicer - Voice Changer

Version: 0.8.17

Works under: Windows


Program license

(31 votes)

Trial version

Program by


Hero Voicer - Voice Changer


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Ever wanted to switch up your voice while talking over Skype? Imagine as total confusion overwhelms your friend's face. With Hero Voicer, you can take to Skype and other audio chat applications to confuse and prank everyone. Not to mention, Hero Voicer becomes a phenomenal RPG tool when you play the various characters in MMORPGs. Another reason you might take advantage of Hero Voicer is to disguise your voice while on the web.

This software becomes your new voice on impulse, and you can speak in the voices of some of your favorite characters. Not to mention, you can add background sounds while talking and invent special voices based on need. Some of the purposes this product has been put to include Skype, Raid Call, Team Speak and Ventrilo. Any desired audio application becomes an excuse to make use of this product. Adjust your voice settings and create your own sounds.

Through this software, you can call your friends as a famous character, and you can change your voice in real-time while speaking. Before you install this product, keep in mind that you need a microphone to morph your voice. The intuitive interface makes using the software easy even for those who have less experience with computers. In the main window, everything looks clean-cut to eliminate confusion. You can also browse the possible voices in the main menu and test the voices you find quirky. If you discover a voice you like, press the microphone icon. you can adjust the characteristics as needed for "Echo" and "Pitch." Where might that come in handy? Let's say you want a voice made for the radio. To get the most from it, you can hit, "Pony," a cartoon character.

Some of the possible background sounds include Hell, Forest, Military March, City, Rain, Drums, Romantic, Fireworks and Storm. These background noises mimic the actual sound, and you can adjust the volume as needed to stop the background from overwhelming your voice.

Unfortunately, Hero Voicer does experience a couple issues with lag and outright freezes. The software remains in development, and you can put it to multiple hilarious purposes. This user-friendly product entertains, which is the main purpose, but you can also alter your voice to sound like your favorite cartoon characters while chatting with friends on Skype. Another useful idea might be to make HeroVoicer into a tool for prank calling your best friend. You can morph your voice into famous characters and hear your friend the next morning, "Morgan Freeman called me last night!" The possibilities with a voice changer are only limited by the extent of your imagination. Who do you want to sound like? Download Hero Voicer, and you can spice up your Skype chats and experiment with the sounds.


  • Use it for your favorite MMORPGs
  • Play with your voice like never before
  • Spice up your Skype chats with this hilarious software
  • Interface that's easy to navigate


  • Lags and freezes

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